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Ready to supercharge your PPC?

We started life as a paid search agency and built PPC Samurai as a tool to create and maintain advanced strategies and budgets that couldn’t – and still can’t – be solved with any other platform.

Today, PPC Samurai works with paid search experts in big and small agencies across the globe to help them do more, in less time with better results by leveraging our unique workflow automation coupled with our best practice expertise.
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The Definitive Guide For Automating Paid Search
After years of working with thousands of agencies around the globe, we’re bringing you a downloadable checklist for paid search automation best practice.
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Perfect for agencies large or small

High Volume PPC Agency Solution

High-Volume Agencies

PPC Samurai is the perfect platform to help you scale your internal processes. We have agencies managing thousands of accounts who, with our help, have created highly profitable high-volume businesses where quality is never compromised, client retention is fantastic and account managers and agency leaders are confident they’re delivering their best for both clients and the business.

Boutique Agencies

You’re keen to grow but you can’t afford a hiring spree? We’ve helped hundreds of agencies just like yours to grow their business without growing their headcount, by freeing up time through PPC Samurai automation. Have confidence your agency won’t skip a beat, miss a budget or fail to catch an emerging fire, while you focus on growth and delivering results that keep clients coming back, and telling their friends.
Boutique PPC Agency Solution

Advanced Google Ads Automation Workshop

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PPC Samurai founder and CEO Shaun Bond joins Jeff Sauer for an exclusive Google Ads workshop. 

Save time, money, and frustrations — discover how to scale your google ads success through our advanced google ads automation workshop
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Data Driven Google Ads Automation Intensive Workshop
  • "This is the best content I've come across that explains how to understand and think about these changes, and implement new campaign strategies and structures to drive the best results in an increasingly automated (and less transparent) advertising environment."
  • "I learned so much from the workshop as well as validating some of my working theories. The concept was "mind-blowing" and I have already started exploring it with a handful of campaigns... Anybody, regardless of level, would benefit tremendously from going through this workshop."
  • "I can set up multiple campaigns for the same target audience, for the same country with different bidding strategies. This was definitely an eye-opener for me… I would definitely recommend this course to colleagues."
  • "I can't nail it down to just one as these are going to have a great impact on my campaigns. I always recommend your trainings as they are awesome!"

From an award winning team

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What others are saying...

  • “I would say the tool is about 90% of the reason I've been able to double the turnover in my business over the past few years. It's arguably the best single investment I've ever made in my business by a long chalk.”

    Den Kara - Optimal PPC

  • "We work with a Cookshop, where the CPA decreased by 30% over-night and sales doubled. We even had several sales at a much lower individual CPA of £0.05 or less. Something we had never achieved before. For a beauty client the ROI increases by 2x over the first month of implementing the change."

    Richard Tank - Climb Online

  • "Shaun, the founder, and CEO of PPC Samurai, really is one of the best strategic PPC minds I've had the pleasure of working with. The course content he created, while being advanced and quite innovative, was still easy to digest and implement - we've had amazing feedback from the attendees."

    Jeff Sauer - Data Driven U

  • "Using PPC Samurai over the years has saved me countless hundreds of hours, and has enabled me to manage a far greater ad spend than I would otherwise have been able to do, and has also helped me to maximise performance."

    Phil Seaton - PPC Samurai Implementation Specialist

  • "As marketers we’re drowning in data & any tool that turns the tables & makes that data work for us, not against us, has to be a powerful thing. PPC Samurai does that – it makes it very easy to take a series of rules & graphically turn that into a simple workflow. One that can be run at scale"

    Mike Rhodes - WebSavvy (Author of The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords)

  • "PPC Samurai is like Lego for Adwords scripts. This is the one tool I would not be without, it is just basically the best tool for managing multiple Adwords accounts. Full Stop."

    Dan Wilkinson - Pro-PPC

  • "PPC Samurai has been a real life saver, allowing our team to be more productive and reducing the errors happening on our accounts. It also has allowed us to data mine at a very deep level that the “humans” are not capable of doing."

    Martin Snowdon - The Online Salesman


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Meet Simon Gould, the Managing Director of Sydney Digital Marketing (Australia) as he discusses how the use of PPC Samurai has transformed how their agency manages Google Ads campaigns for their clients - and how it's given them the edge they were looking for in a crowded marketplace.
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