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Why PPC Samurai?

PPC Samurai is the only platform delivering the flexibility to automate ANY account management process in minutes, via our no-code flowchart technology. With PPC Samurai you enjoy the benefits of automation without the black-boxed platform driven homogenization.

PPC Samurai delivers IP and insight driven outcomes at scale, improving account performance, team engagement and the client experience.

Budget management

Free yourself from budgets with our super flexible and industry leading capabilities. 

Out of the box insights

Delivering optimization opportunities, critical alerts and hygiene actions to your dashboard.

Workflow management

Template and automate any management process you can dream or do, via our easy drag and drop flowchart engine.


Google and Microsoft Shopping campaigns managed alongside the AI or entirely your way, as simple or complex as you need


The easiest ad testing you have ever done – zero setup required! Testing from the moment you import.


Design visually appealing widget based reports and schedule them as suits for your clients or internal use.


Book a demo with one of our experts to find out more, and see for yourself the benefits of automation done your way; your IP, your strategies, your insight, your growth. PPC Samurai.


Meet Simon Gould, the Managing Director of Sydney Digital Marketing (Australia) as he discusses how the use of PPC Samurai has transformed how their agency manages Google Ads campaigns for their clients - and how it's given them the edge they were looking for in a crowded marketplace.

Google And Microsoft

PPC Samurai started its life focussed on Google and is a proud Google Premier Partner. At the start of 2020, we launched our ability to mirror our deep Google capability for users running search and shopping campaigns in the Microsoft Ads network. No longer limited to syncing accounts, with PPC Samurai you can focus on using automation to manage and optimize Microsoft Ads for maximum impact and with differentiation.

what others are saying

"As marketers we’re drowning in data & any tool that turns the tables & makes that data work for us, not against us, has to be a powerful thing. PPC Samurai does that – it makes it very easy to take a series of rules & graphically turn that into a simple workflow. One that can be run at scale"

Mike Rhodes – WebSavvy – Author of the world’s best-selling book on the topic of Adwords (The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords) with over 95000 copies sold.

"Since we started to work with PPC Samurai we were able to add more value to the accounts of our clients through alerting processes, bid management processes and custom processes. The processes we build in the tool are timesaving and the opportunities PPC Samurai shows you are really helpful when it comes to improving your Ads accounts"

Jari van Gaal, Online Advertising Consultant – RIFF

"Using PPC Samurai over the years has saved me countless hundreds of hours, and has enabled me to manage a far greater ad spend than I would otherwise have been able to do, and has also helped me to maximise performance."

Phil Seaton – PPC Samurai Implementation Specialist

"PPC Samurai is like Lego for Adwords scripts. This is the one tool I would not be without, it is just basically the best tool for managing multiple Adwords accounts. Full Stop."

Dan Wilkinson – Pro-PPC

"PPC Samurai has been a real life saver, allowing our team to be more productive and reducing the errors happening on our accounts. It also has allowed us to data mining at a very deep level that the “humans” are not capable of doing."

Martin Snowdon – The Online Salesman

"PPC Samurai has allowed me to automate tedious repetitive tasks very simply, which was not possible before.I’ve tried several other Adwords software suites and none made either of these tasks as easy as PPC Samurai. I have gone from dreading these tasks to simply not having to do them… awesome!"

John Detlefs – Hummingbird Advertising

"We work with a Cookshop, where the CPA decreased by 30% over-night and sales doubled. We even has several sales at a much lower individual CPA of £0.05 or less. Something we had never achieved before. For a beauty client the ROI increases by 2x over the first month of implementing the change."

Richard Tank – Climb Online

"As everything with PPC samurai, the reports are incredibly customizable and automated. I not only use them to automatically send meaningful reports tailor made for each of my customers, but I use them internally to strategically have a weekly internal automated audit of each account with the metrics that specifically matter for that account."

John Eckerman – PPC Sniper

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