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You’re almost there! We know that it takes time to get value out of any new tool, so with PPC Samurai you receive a 30 day free trial. This should allow plenty of time to have a good look around.

PPC Samurai brings you market leading automation, growth and systemisation capabilities, across your accounts and/or your entire agency. However, like a fingerprint, we know that every user is different… so please reach out at any time if you’d like advice or assistance in any way. We’re a supportive bunch!

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Platform Features

Budget management

Free yourself from budgets with our super flexible and industry leading capabilities. 

out of the box insights

Delivering optimization opportunities, critical alerts and hygiene actions to your dashboard.

Workflow management

Template and automate any management process you can dream or do, via our easy drag and drop flowchart engine.


Google and Microsoft Shopping campaigns managed alongside the AI or entirely your way, as simple or complex as you need


The easiest ad testing you have ever done – zero setup required! Testing from the moment you import.


Design visually appealing widget based reports and schedule them as suits for your clients or internal use.