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Our Top 5 High-Impact, Low-Effort PPC Optimizations For Small Ad Accounts

Our Top 5 High Impact, Low Effort PPC Optimizations For Small Ad Accounts

You can read the follow up to this article here – Our Top 5 “Must Have” Safety Checks For Small Ad Accounts

When managing lots of small ad accounts it can be challenging to make a meaningful impact when faced with small budgets and tight margins.

  • How do you ensure that the most vocal clients aren’t absorbing a disproportionate amount of resources, resulting in your remaining small accounts being dramatically underserved?
  • How do you ensure that all of your small account clients are well supported, regardless of what is happening within the business?
  • And ultimately, how do you continue to prove your value to small clients so they don’t just decide to run the account through Google automations independently?
At this point, Google is the largest competitor to agencies for small accounts. Proving your value is key to improved client retention, and we all know a retained client is ultimately worth 7x more than an acquired one!

The day-to-day management activities that add value within these small accounts can generally be categorized as one of the following:

  • Safety checks and balances
  • Response to client requests
  • Optimizations

This article focuses specifically on optimizations, with the safety checks and balances article here.

Small ad accounts come with tight margins, which means agency resource allocation will often sit around the 30-minutes-a-month mark, per account. It’s critical then that this time is focussed and spent on high value activities. Spending an hour where only 30 minutes is allocated is easy to do and instantly makes that client unprofitable. Further, the time creep means you have no buffer left to spend on the accounts that are on the critical list.

We’re here to help with our top five optimizations that really pack a punch and are super quick to deliver for small ad accounts. These optimizations are based on our experience helping scores of agencies who specialize in delivering value when managing large volumes of small accounts.

1. Budget Pacing

If you’re running a large number of small accounts, it’s a huge task to make sure that you get as close as possible to your spend targets by the end of month. Having an automated dashboard that helps you visualize how you are pacing through the month is incredibly valuable.

Even better if you have a system that can auto-adjust your budget up and down to hit the target, manage rollovers from one month to the next, and even turn off campaigns if the spend targets are hit.

2. Bid Strategies

The most common bid strategy we see producing results for new campaigns on small volume accounts is Maximize Clicks. Often This is upgraded to Maximize Conversions over time, but only if:

  • Conversions are being tracked
  • There are enough conversions (30+ in a month) to give the strategy the best chance of success (I know you technically don’t need any conversion data to switch on Maximize Conversions, but we’ve seen best results in campaigns that have 30+ per month)
  • The campaign is currently spending most of its budget (switching when there is a large under-spend will generally result in a spike in CPC and CPA)

3. Converting Search Terms

Assuming you are tracking conversions, adding converting search terms as new keywords and pausing high spend/non-converting keywords can really improve results over time. This is not really about improving reach and increasing spend, but rather it’s about improving the quality of your keyword set over time.

4. Keywords As Broad Match

If you are struggling to spend your budget and need more traffic, try adding your best keywords as broad matches. Google is getting much better at matching intent now, and we are really seeing great results from broad match keywords, particularly when combined with the Maximize Conversions bid strategy.

5. Negative Keyword Conflicts

Run a scan to clean up any negative keyword conflicts that may exist in your account. You can’t rely on Google’s internal scan or recommendations to find these (it misses more than it finds), so a tool like PPC Samurai can really help you to make sure that you’re not inadvertently blocking good traffic.

Automation Is The Key Here To Get This Really Humming…

PPC Samurai can automate almost every aspect of these optimizations for you (and many more of course!). In our experience, running a full suite of safety scans, fixing any problems that are uncovered, plus these five optimizations on small ad accounts would take an average account manager less than 15 minutes per month to complete. This should give you time up your sleeve to spend on the accounts that really need it.

Now that’s time well spent!

If you’re like to discuss this further or have some more questions, please feel free to reach out to us or book a demo– we always love a good chat.

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