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Find Hidden Negative Keywords With These Three Advanced PPC Strategies

Our Top 3 Techniques To Find Hidden Negative Keywords

In their regular account optimization checks, most account managers include a scan of their search term report to find and block non-performing or irrelevant search terms. While this is a high-value exercise, you could still be missing a critical opportunity to find hidden layers of negative keywords that are quietly burning through your client budgets.

Take your analysis to a deeper level with these three (advanced) techniques; so let’s get search term mining, PPC Samurai style!


Performing these scans regularly will undoubtedly uncover hidden opportunities for you to save your clients money, or at the very least, flag search terms that are silently undermining your CPA or ROAS performance so you can take action on them.

We’re big advocates of the awesome BMM/Exact campaign strategy, as you can easily incorporate these checks into your daily routine; adding further value to your accounts and moving you one step closer to being indispensable to your clients. Ultimately, isn’t that what we want for them and for us?

If you’re NOT already using BMM/Exact, you can check out our free training course here!

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