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The 7 Essential Checks for Healthy Google Ads / Microsoft Ads Accounts

The 7 Essential Checks for Healthy Google Ads / Microsoft Ads Accounts

As a PPC campaign manager you are probably juggling multiple Google Ads or Microsoft Ads (Bing) accounts, no matter if you’re agency or client side. So, how do you make sure that your accounts are healthy and running as expected, even when you’re not able to check the metrics of every account every day (eg. you’re off sick, on holidays, busy with a big account build/project/client meeting etc)?

Obviously, here at PPC Samurai we’re big fans of getting great tooling to do it for you *cough.. ours..cough*! Of course, you can write scripts for many of these if you’re a coder but we’ll also give you some PPC Samurai workflow inspiration to duplicate-and-innovate in your own accounts.

First things first though…What should you be looking for?

Here are my 7 essential daily checks for maintaining healthy advertising accounts:

  1. Impression Drop Alert
  2. Shopping – Number Of Products Ready To Serve Have Dropped
  3. Spike In Impressions For Search Queries You Have Not Seen Before
  4. Disapproved Ads & 404 Error Alerts
  5. Display Placement Performance
  6. Best Performing Keywords Losing Impression Share
  7. Negative Keywords Blocking Conversions

Now you can start thinking more about your clients then your daily tasks!

These are seven of the regular health checks for Google and Microsoft advertising accounts I consider essential. Of course, the variety of processes you can build in PPC Samurai are unlimited so consider what YOU check for in accounts and think about how you can design a workflow that’ll automate those checks for you. 

And THEN think about what you’ll do with all this time you’ll have on your hands :). You can spend more time with clients, be creative with your strategies or work with more businesses. With quality automations giving you back time, you have the choice. 

In the coming weeks, we’ll be coming out with more advanced checks and processes you can use to help you manage your accounts. 

If you have any questions though about how to implement this, of course, our automation team is happy to help 🙂

Keen to know more about advertising automation and what PPC Samurai can do for you? AWESOME! Schedule a free demo with one of our specialists, or drop us an email. We’d love to know more about you and what we can do to help you.

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