The Easiest Way To Exclude Mobile App Categories From Your Campaign Budget

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by Shaun Bond

November 12, 2020

Don’t Let Mobile App Traffic Eat Up Your Budget!

Mobile app traffic can very quickly eat up a display campaign’s budget, and many agencies prefer to exclude ads from showing on all apps due to poor performance. Like many things in life, there is an easy way and a hard way to achieve this. Excluding every mobile app placement as they pop up is definitely the hard way – it’s like playing “whack-a-mole”.

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We are here to show you the easy way. Actually, there are two easy ways, depending on your preference between making changes in the Google Ads interface vs Google Ads Editor.

Google Ads Interface

Google Ads Editor

and of course…

PPC Samurai will automatically remind you to look at your exclusions if we see any mobile app categories triggering in your display campaigns, so if you ever see that warning in your insights page, you now know exactly how to exclude them! 

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