Intellectual Property PROTECTION

Do you have some management rockstars in your company? Would you like to ensure that their management processes and IP are captured and consistently delivered for clients, whether they’re in the office or not? That’s something PPC Samurai can uniquely bring you – the ability to assure your clients that no matter what, their accounts are managed well, and consistently, and with the IP that sets you apart..

For Agencies:

You can use templates to roll out the account management IP of your most senior team, to your most junior. Troubles with knowledge transfer within your organization? Not any more! 

And you can assure clients that you’ve got their back. Your ability to capture all their account management IP means that they can rest easy in their partnership with you, no matter what unpredictable events happen in their lives and yours. Security, safety, retention.

For Teams:

Team feel comfortable taking a holiday or handing accounts over, knowing that their IP continues to run as designed for all their client accounts. We all like to come back to happy clients, don’t we?

For Clients:

Keep clients protected when team are on holidays, move on, or at busy times when you’re at peak capacity. Assure them, with confidence, that you leverage cutting edge technology to marry the best of human insight to the protective powers of systemised IP. They’ll thank you for it!


Looking to increase your client to manager ratio? What kinds of numbers would you like to see? Most enterprise agencies have a minimum 20% ratio uplift, while some agencies have grown by up to 300%! Without any new headcount. AND with happier staff. How is it possible to increase client to manager ratios AND have happier staff? Read on….


Spending your days data mining is boring. When your clever team are freed from data mining by PPC Samurai, they can spend their days adding value and insight to client accounts. They get to spend time building relationships, truly understanding the client goals and designing killer campaigns to match. Further, with PPC Samurai they can design and experiment with management strategies they’d only have dreamed possible before. Complex structures? Custom budget ideas? With PPC Samurai doing the heavy lifting, the impossible now possible. Not only will your team be more engaged, interested and passionate about their work, that level of engagement will drive client satisfaction, giving you the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for. Happy staff lead to happy clients!


Consistent performance means improved performance. With PPC Samurai you never need to miss an account opportunity just because you weren’t there to see it appear! Failed credit cards, sudden drops and spikes in the account? Have processes running in the account that let you know when troubles arise. Is there a complex structure, bid strategy or budget management that would improve client outcomes? PPC Samurai automation will let you implement any performance enhancing strategy, regardless of complexity, consistently and how you dreamed it.

what others are saying

"As marketers we’re drowning in data & any tool that turns the tables & makes that data work for us, not against us, has to be a powerful thing. PPC Samurai does that – it makes it very easy to take a series of rules & graphically turn that into a simple workflow. One that can be run at scale"

Mike Rhodes – WebSavvy – Author of the world’s best-selling book on the topic of Adwords (The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords) with over 95000 copies sold.

"Since we started to work with PPC Samurai we were able to add more value to the accounts of our clients through alerting processes, bid management processes and custom processes. The processes we build in the tool are timesaving and the opportunities PPC Samurai shows you are really helpful when it comes to improving your Ads accounts"

Jari van Gaal, Online Advertising Consultant – RIFF

"Using PPC Samurai over the years has saved me countless hundreds of hours, and has enabled me to manage a far greater ad spend than I would otherwise have been able to do, and has also helped me to maximise performance."

Phil Seaton – PPC Samurai Implementation Specialist

"PPC Samurai is like Lego for Adwords scripts. This is the one tool I would not be without, it is just basically the best tool for managing multiple Adwords accounts. Full Stop."

Dan Wilkinson – Pro-PPC

"PPC Samurai has been a real life saver, allowing our team to be more productive and reducing the errors happening on our accounts. It also has allowed us to data mining at a very deep level that the “humans” are not capable of doing."

Martin Snowdon – The Online Salesman

"PPC Samurai has allowed me to automate tedious repetitive tasks very simply, which was not possible before.I’ve tried several other Adwords software suites and none made either of these tasks as easy as PPC Samurai. I have gone from dreading these tasks to simply not having to do them… awesome!"

John Detlefs – Hummingbird Advertising

"We work with a Cookshop, where the CPA decreased by 30% over-night and sales doubled. We even has several sales at a much lower individual CPA of £0.05 or less. Something we had never achieved before. For a beauty client the ROI increases by 2x over the first month of implementing the change."

Richard Tank – Climb Online

"As everything with PPC samurai, the reports are incredibly customizable and automated. I not only use them to automatically send meaningful reports tailor made for each of my customers, but I use them internally to strategically have a weekly internal automated audit of each account with the metrics that specifically matter for that account."

John Eckerman – PPC Sniper

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