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Build bid strategies that YOU control – don’t rely on a black box!

Bid strategies are easy to build and test with our patented flowchart engine

Use our patented visual flowchart based process builder to create easily design, test and run bid processes that are 100% transparent (no black boxes here!). Use your own methodology to test and apply even the most complex bid strategies with our simple to use Next-Gen Flowcharting engine.

Now you can easily run specific bid strategies for different areas of your account. For example, run a bid process on Brand campaigns that checks for high impression share and ad position and at the same time, run a CPA based bid strategy for your main campaigns. There are no limits here – build as many custom bid strategies as you need to specifically match your clients required outcome, or use a template strategy from your library to get up and running in seconds.

Shopping campaigns present unique opportunities – bid directly for profitability!

Create bid strategies at the adgroup or product level. Use important metrics such as conv value/cost to watch and adjust bids on individual products or adgroups. Our unique custom metric and custom bid options allow you to rely on a custom formula to adjust bids.

For example – let’s say you wanted to allow a product 20 clicks at a bid of $1, then if it had not converted after 20 clicks you want the bid reduced by $0.05 per click until the bid hits $0.30. You could easily produce a formula that will achieve this, on almost any other scenario you can think of!

Ever needed to adjust your bid strategy to keep impressions?

It’s inevitable that over time, your bid strategy will need to evolve to adjust to changing client goals, budget, campaign structure or changes in the competitive landscape.

The flowchart designer makes this extremely easy – just add or adjust a few steps to your process and test! It literally takes minutes to make relatively large changes to your bid strategy – no more waiting hours or even days while a coder re-writes and debugs your scripts. Do it yourself in just minutes – that way you can test to make sure your logic produces the updated outcomes your client needs, and you directly control the process. In fact, it take much less time to finish a process in PPC Samurai than it takes to even write the project brief for a script writer!

Run your bid strategies on a regular schedule, and retain control over changes BEFORE they happen

Use our extremely flexible scheduling engine to run your bid strategies around the timing that suits you.

PPC Samurai allows you to send some or all changes to a review center for you to check the changes before they go live.

This is extremely powerful when building and settling into a new bid strategy. You can watch the changes come through and make adjustments if required. Take the opportunity to spot improvements in your logic and apply them directly into the bid process flowchart.

Never before have you had so much control without needing to do everything manually. Let PPC Samurai do all the boring bits while you take care of the important stuff!

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