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The Power of Scripts, Without The Fuss

Replicate any script using our visual workflow engine

No coding, no debugging
Build complex processes in minutes
Approve changes before they happen
No timeouts
Spend more time on strategy
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Why It’s Better Than Scripts

Approve Changes Before They Happen

Traditional scripts process changes automatically with no opportunity for human review and often with unintended consequences. Left undetected problems can compound quickly, causing chaos within the account.

With PPC Samurai you can review, adjust, preview and approve any changes before they go live, or you can choose to upload changes immediately (just like scripts). Control is yours.
PPC Samurai Workflows
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No Timeouts

Script run times are limited to 30 minutes, with time-outs leading to account changes that aren’t implemented and damaging account performance.

PPC Samurai eliminates time-outs entirely, with no run time limits and much faster processing.

Available on both Google and Microsoft Ads

Don’t just settle for syncing your Google & Microsoft accounts. Now you can use PPC Samurai workflows to manage them independently, based on their own performance and ROI.
Google Ads & Microsoft Ads

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