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Don’t wait until small problems become big ones. Stay in total control – set up alerts to avoid nasty surprises!

Some common account level alerts
  • Credit Card declined – watch for unexpected falls in impressions which indicate a payment problem. Contact your client immediately and show them that you are on top of it!
  • Conversions have stopped – be alerted if your normal conversion numbers stop coming through. A great chance to check if the tracking code has been removed or thank you pages changed.
  • Click costs have spiked – don’t get a surprise when you look at your end of month report and see a jump in CPC! Set an alert to watch for for it so you can pro-actively adjust your bid strategy before it becomes a problem.
Some common campaign level alerts
  • Shopping feed has failed – Watch your shopping impressions to identify sudden unexpected drops, which would indicate that perhaps the feed has not been updated or a large number of products have been disapproved in Merchant Center
  • Brand campaigns are losing Impression Share – Monitor your brand campaigns to make sure they stay visible, and in high ad positions.
  • Overspend – set up an alert to watch for spending more than your target, and pause the campaigns if that happens. Automatically enable those same campaigns at the start of the next month!
Some common ad level alerts
  • 404 Errors – Not only get an alert that you have urls that go to a 404 page, but you can pause and label those ads at the same time so it’s really easy to fix them in Adwords editor.
  • Disapproved Ads – ever missed an alert from Google? Check every live ad in every adgroup with our simple flowchart.
  • Only one live Ad – count the number of live ads, and if there is only one live ad then attach a label to that ad and send yourself an alert. That way you can jump into Adwords editor and duplicate/change the ad so you have two variants to ad test
Some common keyword level alerts
  • Expensive Keywords – Stay vigilant against overspending, non converting keywords with a simple process that watches for this and lets you know if you have any lazy keywords.
  • Gold Nuggets that are losing Impression Share – keep informed of any top keywords (eg. high conversion rate, high conversion numbers, low cost/conversion keywords) that are losing impression share. These are your low hanging fruit – give them a bid increase and watch the conversion numbers rise!
  • Too many keywords – keep an eye on how many live keywords you have in an adgroup at any one time. Set a maximum limit, and it you exceed that limit, automatically ‘peel and stick’ your best keywords into their own adgroups.
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