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Fully automated & consolidated ad testing, or custom build ad tests.
The choice is yours!

The easiest ad testing you have EVER done – ZERO SETUP required!

We automatically test a whole range of different ad elements, for ALL clients you have imported. You don’t need to set up a thing. It just happens. No more wasting time setting up specific ad test in cumbersome software, or downloading data from Adwords and putting together pivot tables. It’s now done for you, automatically.

We test Text (old and ETA), Dynamic Search, Call Only, and Image Ads. We combine stats across adgroups to get test results much faster than could ever be achieved with Adgroup level ad testing. You can test on Adgroup level if you want to or stick with the aggregate testing instead. When a test result is found, your only job is to write a replacement ad (or component of an ad if your test was on a component, such as a headline).

You can do this directly within PPC Samurai, and pause/replace all losers with one button click! Any new ads you place in the account are automatically added to the testing schedule. Even the ads that you re-write to replace losing ads are automatically added back into the testing pool, automatically!

Want more control over your ad testing? You’ve got it!

Set up Adwords labels (takes only minutes through Adwords Editor) and let PPC Samurai test your labels, automatically. This gives you ultimate control over which ads are tested against each other, because we take all ads with a specific label and test them automatically against other labels. No need to set up anything in PPC Samurai – just attach your labels in Adwords, and we start testing them automatically for you! This incredible feature gives you the ultimate in flexibility. Test your Brand ads against each other, whilst simultaneously testing other ad segments in your account at the same time. Test ad themes like ‘Price Match’ versus ‘Free Delivery’ – even if every single ad in the account was different, you could still obtain an aggregated test result by using labels!

Want to test different parts of your ads? No problem!

We automatically look for statistically significant differences between a large range of ad components. For example, if we were testing your Expanded Text Ads we would be checking Headline 1, Headline 2, Body and display urls. We basically pull your ads apart and test each component independently. For Image ads, we test ad sizes and ad names for you. This allows you to very quickly identify the best performing ad sizes across your account, or the best performing image ads by name. Or you can even use Adwords labels to test specific combinations of ads!

What’s YOUR favourite metric? Can’t pick one? Well, we test six of the best!

We automatically test across six powerful metrics to ensure you have the choice to replace losers based on the metric that most suits your client.

  • Profit per Impression (our team’s favourite)
  • Conversion rate
  • CPA (cost per acquisition)
  • ROAS / ROI
  • CPI (conversion per impression)
  • CTR
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