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Build highly granular shopping campaigns in minutes, for more control and better shopping results

Building shopping campaigns used to be a real headache. Not any more!

We allow you to connect your merchant feed to PPC Samurai, then use fields in your feed to dynamically build super granular shopping campaigns that are structured just the way you need. Want one campaign for every brand, and one adgroup for every product? You can even use custom labels from your feed to segment campaign or adgroups. Easy!

Keep your shopping campaigns updated with your feed – a daily sync between your data feed and your shopping campaign will ensure that any new products are automatically added to your shopping campaign, and any old products are removed.

Granular campaign structures will allow you to sculpt traffic, and more easily identify negative keywords

With granular shopping campaign structures, you will be able to easily build up adgroup level negative keywords from your search term report, and start sculpting traffic to the right products. This means higher click through rates, better quality searches and lower conversion costs.

Use multiple shopping campaigns to funnel Brand traffic to one and non-Brand to another, or send high converting traffic to one campaign whilst you capture lower converting queries in another (lower bid) campaign.

Custom bid strategies to suit your exact needs

You are able to create Adgroup or Product Group level bid strategies that control bids the way YOU want to. Adjust bids based on any combination of your favourite metrics, or include a formula when working out your bids levels.

Never before have you had the power to apply your own secret sauce to your shopping campaign bids, in a way that is easily scalable across multiple clients..

Want an easy way to build a search campaign from your shopping queries?

Easy! – you can use your Shopping campaigns search query report as a source of new keywords, and automatically build out a search campaign with ads that point to the right page on your ecomm site! Amazing right?

Our knowledge base articles will show you how you can achieve this with almost no effort on your part. You only need to sem-regularly check and approve the search queries that are being added to the search campaign (which literally takes minutes per week). You can of course overlay this strategy with more advanced campaign structures such as alpha/beta or discovery/winner systems. Even this is relatively simple to build and manage in PPC Samurai.

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