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PPC Samurai FAQs

PPC Samurai - Where have you been all my life?
PPC Samurai isn’t a new product. In fact, it’s in the final couple of months of an extensive 18-month BETA process (and four years of development prior!). We have been working with our BETA clients from all over the world to ensure that PPC Samurai really delivers. With a mixture of small/medium to Enterprise level agencies working with us to date, we are confident we have built you a robust and stable platform with Next-Gen capabilities.
If you’re in the final stages of BETA, will the price go up?
Short answer- yes (but not for you!). Anyone who signs up before BETA ends will have their discount grandfathered for the life of their account with us. Can’t be fairer than that! It’s a little sweetener for being an early adopter.
How will PPC Samurai help me?
We have seen productivity gains for our BETA agencies of up to 100%! What that means is that using our Next-Gen Automation techniques you can potentially double your client base with ZERO new staff. Yep.
What about Facebook/Bing/LinkedIn?
We are working on our multi-platform capabilities and look forward to delivering this to you soon.
Are there limits on how many reports I can produce per month?
There is no limit on the number of reports you can produce, or how often you produce them. You can schedule them to be emailed to as many people as required – staff or clients – as often as you like.
Are there Spend or User Limits on my account?
No. At PPC Samurai, we consider all agencies (small and large) to be important. This is why (no matter WHAT your size) we don’t put any Spend Limits on your account and nor do we limit the number of users on your account. If you want 25 staff to manage 25 accounts, it’s your call!
As a small agency do I have to pay more to get features like Granular Shopping Campaigns or Ad Testing
No… we think all agencies should be able to access all product features. Every client you import on the system can access every feature available.
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