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4 days. Giving Back. PPC Samurai’s Give4.

At PPC Samurai, we give our employees the option to do up to four paid days a year, volunteering for not-for-profit organizations.
Give4 can be for any company, of any size, in any industry.
PPC Samurai, Give4 and our ‘Why’

Could Give4 be your ‘Why’ too?

More than a tech company
Give4 is how PPC Samurai shows the world that we’re more than just a tech company. We’re a group of passionate people, who love what we do and how we do it; we’re scrappy, ambitious and engaged. But more than that, we are values driven and community minded.
Bringing our values to life
At PPC Samurai, when discussing our values, we wanted them to be more than just a line on an internal document; we wanted our values to be living, practical and pragmatic things. While this program can’t be the only way we demonstrate those values, it’s certainly a way in which we can ensure our values intersect with the needs of the community.
Assisting our community
For us, Give4 can include pro-bono work in a team member area of specialty, or team days where we work together to add value to a community organisation. The offer is inherently flexible, and we value the autonomy of the team and the creative ways they decide what/how/when to Give4.
What Is Our Give4 Dream?

We don’t want to hold this project close to our chest.

We would love Give4 to be a movement that we share with our peers and our friends and would welcome sharing the vision with other companies. We believe a vision shared is a vision compounded!
In fact, we know that our friends at Affix Recruitment are the first to share our vision and are committed to helping us drive the conversation.
The nitty gritty

How we do it.

Can it only be not-for-profit?
While we encourage people to give back in any space that’s important to them, to be paid to do it by PPC Samurai, it must be for a not-for-profit organization. It keeps it simple as we grow!
Can I store my days up?
There is one day per quarter allocated, and you can roll over one to the next quarter. You can only roll over one, so we encourage you to use them if you want to!
How many Give4 days can I take in a row?
You can take one day at a time… but we are happy to chat to you about it if you’d like to have a second consecutive day, have one in credit, and we can accommodate it!

So, you’re a NFP organization and think PPC Samurai could help you?

Get in contact

Join the Give4 movement.

For any enquiries, questions or comments on Give4, please contact the PPC Samurai COO, Leah. You can reach her on Linkedin or via this contact form.
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