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Headache-free & automatic reports that will delight your clients

Reports are easy to build with drag & drop graphs, tables and other widgets.

Easily design & create visually appealing reports that give your agency and your clients exactly what they need. No more complex spreadsheets or cut/pasting into reports that you manually collate.

Simply drag a graph, chart or table onto your page and tell PPC Samurai what data you would like to display.

Move your report elements around by drag & dropping on the page. Use custom date selectors to ensure your reports always show the latest information in the format and date ranges you like.

Choose from a large range of widgets, giving you the freedom to create reports that are both meaningful and look great. Delight your clients, or create management reports that give you data insights that are difficult or impossible to find in the Adwords interface.

The freedom to easily build and apply a templated report to many clients at once, or custom build reports for specific client needs.

Do you have clients with similar reporting needs? Why not create a report template in minutes, that can be applied to them all? Using the drag and drop report builder will allow you to quickly and easily put together a report that looks personalised yet is created in bulk.

Creating custom reports for specialist client needs is easy too. You can group campaigns together to create reporting groups (for example, all brand campaign across multiple geographies) to give a consolidated view.

This provides enormous flexibility to break down your reporting into meaningful relationships and data visualisations. Some common ways we have seen reporting groups used (but you can create any groups you like!) is to aggregate data for things like:

  • Geographic performance
  • Device performance
  • Remarketing vs Display
  • Performance of different lines of business

The sky is the limit – you can create as many reporting groups as you like. Once your clients get used to seeing their data in useful segments like this, they will never want to go back!

In-widget settings allow you to split data to a granular level

Each reporting widget has a range of data segments that you can use to compare and contrast, giving you fast, useful information to make better data driven decisions in your account.

Some of the more common ways we have seen agencies use these options are:

  • Identify which devices are performing best
  • Watch for performance drops in a specific device over time
  • Find networks that are performing better than others

Being able to slice and dice your data any way you like gives you the ability to create data visualizations that can really help to improve campaign performance, but done in a way that is meaningful to and controlled by you.

Never forget to send a report out again!

PPC Samurai gives you the ability to produce reports ad-hoc or on a schedule of your choosing. There are NO LIMITS on the number of reports you produce, so you can schedule even daily reports if you need to!

If you would like to set up report scheduling, there are just three simple steps to complete:

  1. Just set your schedule (eg. Monthly on the 3rd day of each month)
  2. Enter the email addresses you would like the report sent to (you can have multiple email addresses)
  3. Write your email subject line and body. You can include mail merge fields like {Name} to personalise your email.

That’s it! Now you will never be late to send your client reports again! You can create and schedule as many reports as you like, so you could have one report that goes to clients, one that goes to the account manager as a management report and another that goes to the Agency head as a summary. NO LIMITS means you can really leverage the reporting engine to give you the right amount of information to the right people at the right time.

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