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Dream it & build it with our revolutionary drag-and-drop flowcharts.

No Coding. No Debugging. Build In Minutes!

Our patented technology allows you to use flowchart technology to build automated workflows in Adwords – just like using a script but without any of the headaches!

Now you have the power to Drag & Drop to build a flowchart that quickly converts your personal methodology & logic flows into practical tools & processes. No need to debug or spend hours writing code. Build automations in minutes that would take hours to write as scripts…

Got a new idea and want to test it? Build a process to quickly test if your logic makes sense. Make adjustments, run previews and fine tune your logic within minutes, and apply your new process to other clients easily through your Process Library.

Build a corporate library of trusted processes to ensure consistent delivery of outcomes

Don’t rely on key team members passing on knowledge to other staff – in a busy environment this process can very easily break down and become corrupted, resulting in less than adequate results for clients and increase risk of client loss for the agency.

A corporate library of YOUR processes and logic allows consistent outcomes across all client managers, no matter how busy they get. The regular maintenance activities are automated wherever possible, and client managers are free to make more strategic decisions on accounts.

Onboarding a new Adwords account manager will alway present risks to the agency, if they don’t deliver the consistent quality activities that your clients are used to.   Formalizing the company processes will eliminate the risk of new Adwords account managers ‘doing it their way’ as opposed to following company protocol.

Client handover between managers is simplified, as the regular processes for that client are already in place and just need to be continued by the new manager.

Leverage the knowledge of your best and brightest into processes that the whole team can use!

Pure automation is fraught with danger.

Relying on pure automation (as provided by scripts) can often lead to trouble. The inability to easily intervene and approve actions BEFORE they get sent live can result in unintended consequences. It’s hard to explain to a client why their metric went off the rails because you automated something that didn’t quite work as expected….

Reclaim control but still receive the benefits of automation with PPC Samurai. Every single action in the system can either be made totally automatically, or processed subject to the account manager’s review.

Got a process that contains some actions that you are comfortable automating and some that you would like to review first? No problems. Every action in a process can be independently marked to produce results that need review before being pushed live. This gives you total flexibility to control which parts of your process go live automatically, and which parts are flagged for review before being pushed to Adwords.

Scripts are great, but like the rest of use they have issues…

Ever tried running a script on a large account, only to discover that the script stops running after 30 minutes? This can be very frustrating – not only do you have a script that cannot complete the action you were asking of it, but you now need to formulate a plan to run multiple overlapping scripts just to get it to finish!

What about seeing changes that were made to your account that you would NEVER have done manually? Scripts are prone to ‘corner case error’ where the script was developed without every possible situation covered. Now that you know there is an issue, you need to have the script fixed…. and debugged…. and tested…. and hope nothing else goes wrong….

PPC Samurai runs programmatically, which means you can run very complex processes on very large client accounts without the fear of the process stopping half way through. Plus it’s super easy (and fast) to make adjustments to your logic, and you never need to debug anything.

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