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Easy & automated placement management

With placements – it’s now possible (and easy!)

Like the thought of taking high performing placements from your managed placement list, and doing the old ‘peel and stick’ to create a single adgroup managed placement? Now you can fine tune the ads to suit the colour scheme of the website and skyrocket your results!

Over time, this will also allow you to skew more budget to your managed placements (as these are the ones that are your gold nuggets).

Use PPC Samurai to find these high performing placements, create a new adgroup for it (in whichever campaign you like) and set up the managed placement. You can even tell PPC Samurai to add a negative placement back in the original adgroup!

Watch for poor performers and exclude them fast

No more sifting through the placement report, looking for low (or high) CTR placements to pause, or placements that are spending too much without converting.

Use a simple flowchart process to find poor performing placements either at the placement level or at the root domain level, and exclude them easily.

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