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Advanced PPC Automation

We know that managing ads can be time consuming, so PPC Samurai has been designed to help you make the most of your time. Created by PPC experts our feature set focusses on not only improving ad and campaign performance, but also on improving ad management efficiency.

Custom Workflows

Dream-it-&-build-it with our revolutionary drag-and-drop flowchart engine. Instead of spending hours in the interface looking for account opportunities, you can build a flowchart to do the heavy lifting FOR you. In fact, any management process you’d normally do can be automated via our patented engine. And even better, you can template that process and roll it out to all your accounts, or to your entire agency.

Our flowcharts give you all the power of scripts, without any of the coding and without any of the limitations. It’s like Lego for managers; limited only by your imagination.
PPC Samurai Workflows
PPC Samurai Insights

Automatic Insights

Our ever-growing library of automatic checks have been curated by our inhouse experts and run on your account from the moment it’s imported; surfacing optimization opportunities, critical alerts and hygiene actions you can take for optimal account health.

Leverage our IP and industry best practice knowledge for easy wins, so you can spend your time working strategically.

Advanced Budget Management

What will you do with the hours you have spare, now that you no longer have to spend them managing budgets? Our budget management capabilities allow you to simply monitor or to target budget spend on your accounts.

Child budgets? Custom time periods? No problems. And our intelligent budget capabilities will even automatically move budget from the worst to the best performing campaign in your account, at the flick of a toggle.
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PPC Samurai Budget Pacing

Google Ads and Microsoft Ads

PPC Samurai started its life focussed on Google and is a proud Google Premier Partner. At the start of 2020, we launched our ability to mirror our deep Google capability for users running search and shopping campaigns in the Microsoft Ads network. No longer limited to syncing accounts, with PPC Samurai you can focus on using automation to manage and optimize Microsoft Ads for maximum impact and with differentiation.
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