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Advanced PPC Budget Management

Budgets are at the heart of effective PPC management. Keep on top of your budgets, avoid nasty overspend, and ensure you’re not wasting spend on poor performing campaigns with our automatic budget management and alerts.

PPC Samurai delivers budget management that unlocks scale, improves visibility and drives efficiency across both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. Designed by PPC experts, for PPC experts.
‘At A Glance’ Budget Pacing
Automatic Bid Adjustments
Over/Underspend Alerts
Automated Pausing On Overspend
Shared And Child Budgets
Centralised Reporting
Custom Time Periods
Automated Over/Underspend Rollover
Customisable Dashboard
Adjust Budgets Without Spend Spikes
Team-Wide Visibility
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PPC Samurai Budget Dashboard

Monitor pacing

We started life as a paid search agency and built PPC Samurai as a tool to create and maintain advanced strategies and budgets that couldn’t – and still can’t – be solved with any other platform.
PPC Samurai Budget Pacing

Avoid over/under spending

Our automated daily pacing alerts will let you know if your budget isn’t pacing towards target. Want to send an email alert when you hit 75% of target, and avoid overspend by turning off campaigns when you reach 100%? Sure! We can do that. We can even automatically turn those campaigns back on at the start of the next period.

Charging on a percentage of spend? With our automatic budget adjustments, we’ve seen agencies lift their average end of month pacing from 77% to 98% within the first month. Instant revenue uplift!
PPC Samurai Budget Alerts

Spend where it’s working

Flick a toggle and PPC Samurai will start automatically adjusting your budgets daily, making sure that your best performing campaigns get the budget they need.

Fancy a 22% increase in conversions for the same spend? One of our biggest agencies sure did (and so did their clients).
PPC Samurai Auto Budget Adjustments
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PPC Samurai Child Budgets

Custom budget setups

Each agency and client is unique, so PPC Samurai lets you configure budgets your way:

Shared Budgets: Automate and monitor Google shared budgets from within PPC Samurai

Child Budgets: Create child budgets within PPC Samurai to optimise spend for different campaign groupings (eg. different locations, or brand vs non-brand)

Custom Time Period: Create budgets for days, weeks, months – pretty much any time variation! Clients working on a five week cycle, or a retail month? Clients doing a short one-off promo? No worries, budget periods in PPC Samurai are completely flexible.
PPC Samurai Budget Rollovers

Automatic budget rollover

With PPC Samurai you can automatically rollover any underspend or overspend from one period to the next.

The Budget Dashboard will clearly display the base budget + rollover amount so you can assess target spend and pacing at a glance.

Customisable dashboard

Budget success looks different for different sets of clients or for different managers. Use PPC Samurai to set up customisable ‘views’ of the clients and budgets you want to see.

Maybe one dashboard for e-comm and one for lead gen? Maybe a dashboard per manager? Maybe a team view? Or a key clients list? Different budget performance metrics for different verticals? Or all of the above?

With customisable views and budget level tagging available, you can make the PPC Samurai Budget Dashboard surface or search by any data that’s important to you.
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