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Search queries are the lifeblood of any Google Adwords account.
Make the most of them!

Why not use your search query report as a database to generate new keywords?

Want to start adding highly relevant long tail keywords into your account, but not sure where to start or how to do this efficiently?

Relax – we are here to save you hours or work! Just build a simple flowchart process to find search queries that are awesome, and add them into your account as new keywords!

To give you a little taste of what our powerful engine can do for you – add your new keywords as:

  • any match types
  • into any campaign or campaigns
  • using any structure (eg. single/multi keyword adgroups)
  • and any strategy (eg. alpha/beta campaigns)

You can even label your new keyword, ads and adgroup if you like!

Not every search query is a gold nugget. Many are rubbish. Time to scrap them!

Your best source of negative keywords is generally your search query report. So what is the easiest way to leverage off that report but do it in a way that is quick and easy? Well, you guessed it…… Build a flowchart that will automate the hard stuff, leaving you to view and approve what the process finds for you!

We have many agencies that regularly troll through the search query report finding negatives, and using PPC Samurai has in many cases reduced that time input by around 90%. That time goes straight to your bottom line!

We can even help you assess the individual words that make up each search query, to look for words that are costing your clients money. Finding negative words and terms has never been easier!

Do you need an incredibly easy way to push search queries where you want them?

Then read on…

You can avoid internal search query competition by adding negative keywords to sculpt traffic to the correct adgroups, all automatically! PPC Samurai has an automatic sculpting tool that will allow you to monitor an adgroup or campaign for unwanted traffic, and push that traffic where is is supposed to go.

Do you like to run single keyword, single match type adgroups but find managing the negatives to be a headache? We hear you. Lucky our tool is flexible enough to enable a quick process to be built to cover this, so your negatives will ALWAYS remain up to date.

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