Why PPC Samurai

We started life as a paid search agency and built PPC Samurai as a tool to create and maintain advanced strategies and budgets that couldn’t – and still can’t – be solved with any other platform.

Today, PPC Samurai works with paid search experts in big and small agencies across the globe to help them do more, in less time with better results by leveraging our unique workflow automation coupled with our best practice expertise.

PPC Samurai Workflow Close Up

Easily implement bespoke and advanced strategies

Whether you have a simple five-step process or an awesomely complex management strategy with 100 variables and conditions, we’ve got you covered. 

With PPC Samurai you can design your own workflows, or customize our templates, to do all the heavy lifting in your accounts.

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Reduce Complexity In Your Day-To-Day

One thing we understand is the unpredictability of life in a digital agency; no two days are the same and that can definitely make things challenging. However, running PPC Samurai is like having a whole army of digital marketers who monitor your accounts exactly like you would, so that you can take a deep breath and just spend time where you need to.

Agency life doesn’t need to be a juggling act.

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Create More Time In Your Day

PPC Samurai does away with the hours you spend manually monitoring and managing your accounts and lets you say ‘goodbye’ to spreadsheets, pivot tables, and writing and maintaining scripts. Instead, it serves on a platter the information you’re looking for, so you can analyze the data not just compile it.

By doing away with the boring bits, we’ve seen PPC Samurai agencies quadruple their profitability. Yep. You read that right.

The Solution For High-Volume Agencies

PPC Samurai is the best platform to help you scale your internal processes. We have clients managing thousands of accounts who, with our help, have created highly profitable high-volume agencies.

Want to ensure quality is consistent, churn is reduced, clients are happy and accounts are well run, regardless of holiday periods, varied experience levels, team changes or size of accounts? Want to ensure that the whole agency is tracking well for budgets (tiny and huge) and KPIs without having to look into every account?

If you’re looking for help with internal processes at scale, we’re exactly what you’re looking for; and have the results to back it up.

If this sounds like you contact the Enterprise Team to have a chat about how we can help your agency.

The Solution For Boutique Agencies

You’re keen to grow but you can’t afford to go on a hiring spree? We’ve helped hundreds of agencies just like yours to grow their business without growing their headcount, by freeing up time through PPC Samurai automation.

Now is the perfect time in your growth trajectory to really think about your processes, what’s scalable, and what you absolutely don’t want to miss spotting in your accounts. Growth nearly always comes with growing pains, but it doesn’t have to.

Once your processes and automations are organized, all YOU have to do is focus on scaling your business, with the confidence that your agency won’t skip a beat, miss a budget, or fail to catch an emerging fire. Be confident you’re delivering the best for all your clients and your bottom line.

If this sounds like you book a demo to have a chat about how we can help your agency.