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PPC Samurai is revolutionary Next-Gen AdWords Automation you can’t afford a competitor to use. With its unique patented flowchart technology, you can dream-and-build ANY management process you like, with absolutely NO coding required. Imagine, hours of work, done in minutes! Combine our powerful flowcharting automation with a revolutionary ability to build and manage Granular Shopping Campaigns, A/B Split Testing that runs automatically without any set up, and headache free reporting, PPC Samurai is the competitive advantage YOU have been searching for.

Built BY PPC Experts, FOR PPC Experts.

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  • Mike Rhodes

    I’ve seen & used a LOT of different Adwords tools over the years & PPC Samurai is one of the most compelling I’ve come across. It’s totally unique in the way it solves a HUGE problem that all Adwords users have – that of ongoing optimisation. As marketers we’re drowning in data & any tool that turns the tables & makes that data work for us, not against us, has to be a powerful thing. PPC Samurai does that – it makes it very easy to take a series of rules & graphically turn that into a simple workflow. One that can be run at scale

    Mike Rhodes - WebSavvy

    Author of the world's best-selling book on the topic of Adwords (The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords) with over 95000 copies sold.

  • John Eckerman

    There are so many reporting solutions out there for Adwords, and most don’t make sense. They are a one-size-fits-all solution. They look fancy, but I’ve not found them to be useful or meaningful.

    As everything with PPC samurai, the reports are incredibly customizable and automated. They have been designed in a way that truly makes sense from the perspective of an Adwords account manager.

    I not only use them to automatically send meaningful reports tailor made for each of my customers, but I use them internally to strategically have a weekly internal automated audit of each account with the metrics that specifically matter for that account.

    At a glance, I can see how each of the accounts I manage is traveling, and no longer need to dig the information out of the Adwords interface.

    John Eckerman - PPC Sniper
  • Martin Snowdon

    I have been an early adopter of PPC Samurai and promoted its use heavily through our agency.
    Writing Adwords scripts was never a satisfactory answer to automating our Adwords processes and
    we tried various tools, but all those tools locked us into the tools methodology.

    With PPC Samurai I had the power in my hands to implement my own processes and parameters in an
    easy non-programmable way.

    The process flow chart style for writing automation is so easy to use that whenever we have any issue with our adwords accounts we can easily write some new process to minimize or remove the risk of that issue recurring. And best of all it is bug free … try complex writing bug free Adwords Scripts! It is also very easy for me to train new staff in how to follow our automated processes.

    After implementing PPC Samurai across all our accounts, we were able to achieve a greater level of consistency in the operation of our accounts and the performance of all our accounts improved significantly in the following months.

    PPC Samurai has been a real life saver, allowing our team to be more productive and reducing the errors
    happening on our accounts. It also has allowed us to data mining at a very deep level that the “humans” are not capable of doing.

    Martin Snowdon - The Online Salesman
  • Richard Tank

    Using PPC Samurai to move from a structure where all our products were in one campaign,
    to a much more granular structure where campaigns are now split by category and then each
    product is nested into its own adgroup, has resulted in a huge increase in control over our spend
    and CPC’s.

    We work with a Cookshop, where the CPA decreased by 30% over-night and sales doubled.
    We even has several sales at a much lower individual CPA of £0.05 or less. Something we had
    never achieve before. For a beauty client the ROI increases by 2x over the first month of
    implementing the change.

    Richard Tank - Climb Online
  • Ana Kostic

    PPC Samurai Ad Testing. Amazing feature, super useful and really easy.

    Ana Kostic
  • I’ve been using PPC Samurai for the last 5 months in my advertising agency and to say
    the least, the software has been nothing less than revolutionary for my business.

    To do Adwords properly a lot of manual work must be done including the changing
    of bids at a granular level as well as finding converting search queries and turning them into exact match
    keywords. When working on accounts with thousands of keywords these types of granular tasks are essential,
    yet incredibly time consuming, often taking several tedious days to complete.

    PPC Samurai has allowed me to automate those tasks very simply, which was not possible before.
    I’ve tried several other Adwords software suites and none made either of these tasks as easy as PPC Samurai.
    I have gone from dreading these tasks to simply not having to do them… awesome!

    Where PPC Samurai really shines though, is in its customisability. Using PPC Samurai I have the ability
    to come up with a logical sequence that I believe would benefit my Adwords accounts, and no matter how
    complicated, PPC Samurai allows me to both create and execute inside it’s interface.

    This as far as I’m aware is not possible in any other software available commercially, and gives me
    a real competitive advantage in the marketplace as other agencies doing their work manually or
    using Adwords built in script interface.

    John Detlefs - Hummingbird Advertising
  • The alerts feature is awesome. It’s saved me a number of times from being caught out when a
    client’s credit card has failed payment and their ads stopped. I love being on the front foot
    with stuff like this!

    Matthew - Exnius
  • PPC Samurai is like Lego for Adwords scripts.

    You can build processes for almost anything. I primarily use it for sifting through search
    queries at speed saving the need for 2 more employees, finding points of optimisation in shopping
    campaigns and for providing reports for my clients.

    This is the one tool I would not be without, it is just basically the best tool for managing multiple
    Adwords accounts. Full Stop.

    Dan Wilkinson - Pro-PPC
  • I’ve been using PPC Samurai for about six months now. My advertising strategies
    often involve using the display network heavily, and I love the flexibility that PPC Samurai
    gives me to dream up a process and test or implement it. I use it for things like finding
    poorly performing placements and excluding them. Saves me heaps of time!

    John - PPC Administrator
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