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BMM/Exact Workflow Updates

BMM/Exact workflow updates

A recent change to the Google API means that we have made changes to the BMM/Exact workflow processes.

Summary Of The Update

Due to the Google API changes, PPC Samurai is no longer able to add an exact match keyword into the target exact ad group if it is blocked by an existing negative term.

We have updated ‘Step 1’ of the BMM/Exact process to identify and remove any blocking negative terms when the keyword is added. Whereas previously, we would add the keyword in ‘Step 1’ and then remove blocking negative terms in ‘Step 4’, we are now taking both actions within the first step.

What This Means For You

This change should not impact how the workflows are performing and, in fact, simplifies the process to fewer steps.

There are 2 key outcomes that you will need to be aware of:

1. Workflow updates for Step 1

The workflow action for ‘Step 1’ will now contain 2 steps – Unblock KW and Add Keywords. You will need to take action on both of these steps, starting with ‘Unblock KW’ and then actioning ‘Add Keywords’, in order to successfully add new exact match keywords to an exact ad group.

Please note that if no blocking negative keywords are found, the ‘Unblock KW’ alert will not appear and you can proceed straight to complete the actions for ‘Add Keywords’.
BMM/Exact Step 4 Workflow

2. Workflow for Step 4

The current workflow for Step 4 – Remove Blocking Phrase Match Negatives – is now redundant and can be removed as a step in this process.

This change is now live and you should begin to see the updated workflow actions in the Insights.

If you have any questions hit us up at support@ppcsamurai.com

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