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Generate More Traffic & Get More Conversions With A Parallel Campaign Strategy

What is a Parallel Campaign Strategy?

A parallel campaign strategy helps you broaden your audience by tapping into different (often overlapping) pools of traffic through a process of running duplicate campaigns with different bid strategies at the same time.

Usually, this strategy will be most effective when you have one of two of the following goals:

Goal A: Reduce CPA/Increase ROAS
You’re not necessarily looking to increase your spend - rather you are looking to reduce your average click costs to get more clicks and conversions for the same budget.

Goal B: Maintain Performance and Scale-Up Campaign Budget
Instead of decreasing the bids to drop the CPA or increase your ROAS, you’re looking to maintain your current performance but spend more money to widen your reach for more conversions.

How does a Parallel Campaign Strategy work?

Any bid strategy finds traffic based on its algorithm. Different bid strategies use different algorithms, and therefore a strategy that identifies potential purchaser A does not necessarily identify potential purchaser B because the strategy is assessing the searchers' attributes differently. Using multiple algorithms helps you to expand your available traffic pool.

AND the good news is that while there might be some potential purchaser overlap, parallel campaigns with different bid strategies do not compete internally, so bid and click costs will not increase.

Parallel Campaign Strategy

Some examples of common Parallel Campaign Strategies

  • tROAS + tCPA + Max Clicks
  • tCPA + manual bidding
  • tROAS + Max Clicks

Then you can add a layer of strategy over these combinations - one of our personal favorites is what we call the Low-Hanging-Fruit-Strategy:

By adding a parallel campaign where you’ve set the bids low you can pick up the cheapest conversions from a pool where your existing bid strategy is ignoring that traffic. For example, adding a manual bidding campaign with low bids alongside your existing tCPA or tROAS campaign can generate cheap clicks and conversions that the tCPA or tROAS campaigns ignored. This can be an effective way of lowering your average CPA while also accessing new potential purchasers of your product; AND additionally, it’s also a great way of broadening your audience data and your understanding of intent in the marketplace.

Parallel campaigns are ultimately a pretty simple strategy, and they’re a great way of understanding the most effective bid strategies to apply to your campaigns. You can run more than two campaigns in parallel. They also help you to understand (if you track it well) the value of each bid strategy to your client and also, where that strategy best fits in your funnel and how, therefore, to deliver better ROI for your client.

And after all, who doesn’t want a better ROI?

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