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Our Most Popular Automations For Microsoft Ads Accounts

Our Most Popular Automations For Microsoft Ads Accounts

We’re Changing The Game For Microsoft Ads Management.

It’s well known that there are compelling reasons for agencies to run campaigns for some clients on the Microsoft Ads network, amongst them

  • More affluent demographic
  • Older demographic
  • Better CPA and lower CPC
  • Unique searchers
  • Growing network coverage

However, the volume vs profitability vs time Venn often leaves agencies making one of two decisions:

  1. They focus on Google only as they can’t justify the effort vs return required to manage a second network well
  2. They compromise and set up the Google to Microsoft Ads sync. (“That’ll do donkey, that’ll do”)

Option two is valid, but agencies know that the Microsoft Ads network operates differently from the Google Ads network, and requires different optimizations, metrics, and (often) strategies to maximize the available value. But how to do that in a way respects the time pressure agencies are under?

Enter, PPC Samurai…

Our automations are built to allow you to scale your paid search strategies across Microsoft Advertising (MSA) accounts without putting additional time pressure on your team. Use our workflows to keep on top of account changes, keep your campaign structure up to date, and take advantage of key optimization opportunities with this valuable network.

1. Account Safety

Stay on top of sudden, unexpected changes in your account with account safety workflows. These workflows are designed to alert you when a change is detected that could impact your top-line account or campaign metrics:

Global Templated Workflows:

2. Account Hygiene

Account hygiene workflows ensure that your MSA account stays up to date with SEM best practice. Our workflows will answer questions like:

Global Templated Workflows:

3. Account Optimization

We all know that the Microsoft Ads network operates differently to the Google Ads network, and requires different optimisations, metrics and (often) strategies to maximise the value available. Hone in on key optimisation opportunities and implement them efficiently with workflows that will:

Global Templated Workflows:

4. BMM/Exact Strategy

You can now also efficiently manage your entire account structure in minutes per week using our BMM/Exact workflows for Microsoft Ads! Wean your MSA accounts from the Google Ads sync and reap the benefits of managing MSA in its own environment, using its own metrics. Improve the relevancy of the account structure by using MSA search data to add new exact match keywords and sculpt negatives to your exact match ad groups. The full BMM/Exact process of Steps 1-5 are available as global templates in your account. Not familiar with our BMM/Exact strategy? Find out here how this search strategy can produce amazing account results in a fraction of the time.

5. Advanced Budget Management

Track and efficiently manage your MSA budgets with PPC Samurai Budget Targets.
  • Set-up a one-time or recurring budget
  • Check spend pacing against budget at a glance for all MSA accounts
  • Track budgets at a more detailed level using child budgets
  • Alert when spend reaches a certain threshold of overall budget
  • Automatically pause campaigns when spend reaches a certain threshold of overall budget
  • Automatically re-enable campaigns when budget is available again
  • Automatically optimise budget between campaigns based on CPA
You can find articles on how to implement these in our Knowledgebase

If you would like to apply these workflows to your accounts but need some guidance, check out our article on how to apply a template process.

And of course, we have many more MSA global templates being prepared for you workflow lovers over the coming weeks. What would you like to see? And of course, any questions or feedback on this article or workflows (or just to say hi), reach out here or book a demo

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