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Case Study: RIFF Online Marketing

Case Study: RIFF Online Marketing

How RIFF Online Marketing Uses PPC Samurai to Protect Clients Results, Always Deliver AND Grow Their Agency

RIFF Online Marketing is an enterprise-sized digital agency headquartered in the Netherlands, with operations across Europe. They work with a range of businesses, from SME to multinationals.

In 2016 they were looking for a fully customizable way to protectively monitor their entire book of agency accounts for problems and quality, and after testing many tools, decided PPC Samurai was the solution.

RIFF needed a monitoring tool that was able to perform account checks and deliver outputs to aid specialists in monitoring, structuring and optimizing their accounts.

With the help of PPC Samurai RIFF was able to create their own protective strategy that ensures all their accounts are running properly, that their account specialists are notified when unforeseen things happen and that gives suggestions on how to optimise accounts based on the high standards that RIFF are known for.

With a wide range of small businesses to large SMBs, RIFF needed a system that would ensure managers and team leaders would be alerted if ever accounts ceased to run smoothly. However, with such a broad range of clients, they needed a system that was so flexible that they could create, adjust and prioritise their alerts.

In addition to protecting RIFF from unforeseen account events, RIFF wanted a tool that would provide notifications when campaigns failed to meet the high standards of RIFF. They were looking for a tool that would notify specialists when campaign structures needed improvement, or ads weren’t best practice or when other metrics were triggered (eg, when a leading campaign became limited by budget.)
After testing several tools, RIFF discovered PPC Samurai. After a trial period, the RIFF digital team leaders and executive approved a PPC Samurai roll out.

An implementation plan was now required. RIFF spent time with the PPC Samurai team brainstorming alerts that should be fired in specific circumstances and what account triggers would indicate areas of concern.

The result was a long list of alerts with a corresponding list of parameters defining what accounts each alert should be applied to. (eg. an alert for a multinational client will sometimes be quite different to that required for a small local business).

The Alerts That Were Implemented

The helpful PPC Samurai team trained the PPC Consultants at RIFF to build and test processes within PPC Samurai for themselves and after a few weeks of building and testing, RIFF implemented their protective strategy. 

A few examples of alerts implemented:

  • Alerts that fire when there are predetermined decreases in an account.
  • Impressions, clicks, CTR, impression share, number of active products etc.
  • Alerts that fire when there are certain spikes in an account.
  • Impressions, CPC, cost, etc.
  • Alerts that fire when certain KPIs are not met like CPA targets or ROI targets.
  • Alerts that fire when there are disapproved ads and 404 error alerts on ads and sitelinks.

Using the custom workflow engine unique to PPC Samurai, RIFF also designed automations that monitor account quality and suggest account improvements.

  • Alerts that notify managers of improvements required to active ads (ETA’s/RSA) in adgroups
  • Alerts that notify managers if there is a problem with quality score in an account
  • Alerts that notify managers if there is a problem with ad relevance
  • Alerts that notify managers if an attribution model for an accout isn’t optimalAlerts that notify managers that the best performing keywords are losing impression share.

Together with the PPC Samurai team RIFF created their own alert library. RIFF account managers have a selection of alerts they apply to every client, but they also have a long list of alerts in the library that are only applied to a client whenever that is appropriate or necessary.

How The Alerts Are Handled By PPC Samurai and RIFF for Optimal Results

After creating the custom library RIFF determined the priority of each alert and put processes in place to ensure they were appropriately dealt with by PPC Samurai.

  • Critical alerts are sent via email to both the account managers and a general agency PPC inbox.
  • Over holiday periods, they can also send these critical alerts for key clients to a mobile phone as a text (using an easy Zapier integration)
  • Non-critical alerts and account improvement suggestions are monitored via the PPC Samurai dashboard, which avoids email becoming overwhelmed and ensures that the most critical tasks are prioritized first by account managers.

RIFF Online Marketing has had frequent examples of how the alerts system they’ve constructed have benefited clients and, therefore, their client retention. A clothing webshop had a feed issue on the side of the web developer. As it’s a smaller client, the feeds are checked once a week at most, meaning that it can be up to 6 days until an issue is surfaced in the account.

However, because of a PPC Samurai alert running on the account, RIFF had been notified of the issue AND had fixed it on the same day. This protected the client from revenue loss of approximately $5k per day, or, had it been 6 days until the issue was highlighted, up to $30k.

Further, RIFF Online Marketing was able to demonstrate their value to the client by showing how proactively they are managing the account. This serves to strengthen the relationship they have with the customer.

Client Example Summary
Client:  Clothing Webshop/Online Retailer
Situation:  Small client so the account is checked weekly
Alert:  Highlighted a feed issue on the web developer end
Risk:  $5k revenue loss per day, $30k risk over 6 days.
Outcome:  PPC Samurai alert notified RIFF = same-day fix. No revenue loss

The PPC account managers at RIFF save considerable time because they no longer focus on watching accounts for unforeseen events or on searching through the interface for potential or actual problems. Instead, they spend their time on managing accounts more strategically, on building relationships with clients and creating value for RIFF as a company; their nomination this year as a finalist in the European Search Awards stands as a testament to the value they’re able to deliver.
  • Saves time for managers by automatically highlighting any areas of concern 
  • Is able to grow their client to manager ratio with zero risk
  • Reduces client churn by proactively ensuring negative events are dealt with promptly
  • Ensures that they are always alerted if certain metrics aren’t as expected or optimal for a client account. 
  • Is alerted quickly to account optimization opportunities, allowing upsell and improving client confidence. 
  • Is sure they are providing the best service possible to their clients.

If you have any questions on how we can help you and your business either schedule a free demo with one of our specialists or drop us an email. We’d love to know more about you and what we can do to help you.

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